According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, over half of all the flooring in America is covered in carpet. And it’s no wonder why. Carpet can personalize and add warmth to a business, add an extra layer of comfort to schools, and instantly transform a house into a real home. As great as carpet looks, it has an added benefit of acting like a giant filter to trap dust, dirt, and debris. Carpet may make your home look cleaner and more inviting, at least until spills and stains appear in high-traffic areas. But it can create entirely new problems as well, including allergies, mold growth, and virus-spreading bacteria. Modern carpet warranties require annual professional carpet cleaning to maintain your investment. Fortunately, preparing for that event is easier than you might think.

Clean or at Least De-Clutter

Professional carpet cleaners utilize long hoses and heavy equipment to get the job done correctly. The last thing anyone wants or has time for is to worry about is tripping over Junior’s shoes and breaking your grandmother’s antique wedding soup tureen. Be sure to remove clutter and items such as shoes, toys, and pet items. It’s also a good idea to vacuum even if it’s not required. Removing a top layer of dirt and pet hair can help increase the professional cleaning power, thus giving you more bang for your buck.

Protect Your Walls and Curtains

Professional technicians go above and beyond to ensure they’re as careful as possible. But the heavy hoses are known to leave behind black smudges as it makes contact with walls and long drapery. There’s a simple way to avoid that, though. Just get some painter’s tape and tape up the walls wherever the hose may make contact. It can be removed easily without pulling the paint with it. As for curtains, double them up so they’re not hanging or remove them entirely if that’s easier.

Move Light Furniture Out of the Cleaning Path

Michigan carpet cleaning professionals are licensed to clean carpet, not move furniture. So anything that can be moved for that task is the responsibility of the homeowner. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you need to move a sleigh bed or an antique armoire. But items such as floor lamps, plant stands, and small tables can be difficult to clean around and end up harmed in the process. A quick clear-up on your part can keep everyone happy.

Remove or Prepare the Pets

Chances are, your pets are your family. The last thing you’d want for your cat, dog, bird, reptile, or chinchilla is for them to be scared. But as they’re animals, instincts also take over. They could also potentially bite what they see as an intruder or end up hurting themselves. Professional carpet cleaners use loud equipment and heavy hoses that require keeping the door open for an extended period. Locking them in a room to keep your pets out of harm’s way, or dropping them at the kennel or a neighbor’s house for the day can keep them content and safe until your Macomb carpet cleaning is completed.