Predictive Service provides an invaluable ability to access assets through their infrared inspection windows. Their high quality inspection methods let clients gain access to their assets under extreme conditions. Whether locked out, because the asset’s voltage is too high or because of an increased energy rating, following an incident, Predictive Service can help.

Predictive Service knows that skipping critical assets, while performing an infrared inspection, can lead to problems in achieving total coverage of an electrical system. That’s why they task their quality control associates with performing the infrared inspection with an emphasis on those skipped assets. Using infrared windows, the team can inspect the skipped assets safely and without compromising the effectiveness of the program.

Additionally, Predictive Service utilizes that same technology to keep inaccessible devices and equipment under surveillance. The closed panel methods of inspection are performed in accordance with the regulations set out by OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, and many other electrical safety protocols. Using the infrared windows helps technicians perform their inspections, while obeying mandates to keep the panels closed. Energized equipmeny remains running safely, while the checks are performed.

Predictive Service utilizes square IR windows, which provides a 28-65% broader view than standard round windows. Additionally, the square shape helps, when pictures need to be taken. Because the camera lens is also square in shape, the resulting image won’t need to be cropped. A round IR window means cropping the image and cutting out areas within the optic field.

The optic is also designed to be impact-resistant, making the IR device more durable. The optic is designed to provide more stable transmissions and can be used over a prolonged period. Manufactured to resist humidity and moisture, as well as acids and alkalis, the optic is reliable and durable.

Predictive Service is an international company with sites in Canada, Poland, London, Mexico, South America, and Hong Kong. They have several locations in the United States, as well. Their world headquarters are found in Cleveland, Ohio and can be reached by phone at +1.866.772.6770 or by email at Contact a Predictive Service team member to find out more about their services and how they can help your organization.