Charging your electronic device, or using your electrical devices when you travel becomes a big problem nowadays because of different sockets used around the world. Since, different countries have different plug shapes, the plug or the charger you use at home won’t work in a socket when you are travelling outside of the country. Moreover, as an icing to this whole problem, some of the electronic device, can’t be used outside your country, if it does not support dual voltage. The USA and Canada uses 120V electricity, while the rest of the world uses 240V. So, if your device does not support dual voltage, you will need to carry a converter, which would step down the voltage to 120V if the country you are travelling to uses 240V electricity.

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Now, essentially being a traveler, you should know that the adapter and the converter are two very different things, and they cannot be simultaneously clubbed under a single device. Simply, a travel plug adapter is something that makes your device fit in the plugs of different countries, while converter is something that brings down the electrical power going in to it, so that the device doesn’t overheat or get fried.

In this article, we will talk about a few things about adaptors and voltages, that might be of help when you are travelling.

Let’s start with Voltage. Now, Voltage for commoners is just electricity. And, every country uses different kind of electricity, for which you need to use a voltage converter, which will convert the voltage of the outlet to a voltage that your device can use without getting overheated. For instance, if you are resident of USA or Canada, you use a 120V electricity back home, which means whenever you travel to another country in another part of the world, you will need to bring down the voltage from 240V to 120V to feed it to your device. By not doing so, you are feeding extra electricity to the device which may fry the device or overheat to an extent which will damage the internal components. Hence, you need a converter to bring down the voltage from 240V to 120V.

In fact, modern day electrical items are sometimes dual voltage, which support both the 240V and 120V electricity. If you buy a dual voltage device, you will obviously have to spend a bit more on the device, but, at the same time you won’t have to buy a converter every time you want to visit a new country. These devices are safe to use at your home, and at the same time abroad too.
Most of the electronic devices nowadays support dual voltage, and they automatically adjust the internal chips according to the power received.

Now, moving on to travel adaptors. Travel Adaptors allows you to plug in your devices to sockets which are not the same as the sockets you use back home. Europe uses a different kind of socket, while USA has a different socket, and hence, adapters enables you to plug in your American device in Europe. There are many adapters in the market that you can buy in accordance with the country you are visiting, or, you can also a buy an adapter kit which will work for any country you visit in future.