cardamom water

Cardamom, also known as elaichi, is one of the most commonly found ingredients in our kitchen with an insane amount of benefits. The aromatic spice which is incorporated in curry, desserts, tea and so on, can add flavour to your dish. It is abundant in antioxidants can help you to ease your digestion, get rid of cold and cough and fight infections. Furthermore, it can also help you to bring your numbers down and regulate your blood sugar levels. It can cure your respiratory disorders and also enhance your blood circulation. Moreover, it can also help you to shed those excess kilos! Yes, you have heard it right!

If you want to get rid of that excess weight then you should read this! You can opt for cardamom water to manage your weight. Sipping on cardamom water can help you to improve your overall well-being and get back in shape. Hence, you will be able to look slim and sexy!

Know why cardamom water can help you to burn your belly fat
• Cardamom is one of the popular remedies which can help you to de-bloat and improve your digestion process due to its active compounds which can help you to deal with bacteria and can enhance your gut health. Owing to which, your digestion process will become smooth.
• Cardamom has melatonin that ups the burning process of your fats. Ta da, you will lose weight effectively.
• It helps to expel extra water out of the body which is being retained in the form of urine.
• If you sip on cardamom water you will be able to get rid of fat accumulation around your belly as it can boost your metabolism.

This is how you can make cardamom water
• You should crush the cardamom pod and extract seeds from it.
• Then, add the pod peel and seeds in a glass of water and leave it overnight.
• Drink it in the morning.