There are a lot of different handguns out on the market. When you’re searching for competition handguns, there are some important decisions for you to make. Ultimately, it comes down to what feels comfortable to you. Review some of the factors so you know what to look for in a gun.

Overall Design

The design of the handgun should be explored in detail. Consider the caliber, the various features, and how it will fit in your hand. Examine the weight of the gun, too. There are various limited edition guns that will allow you to have a gun that looks different than the other people you go shooting with. This can help you to have a more competitive edge because people won’t recognize what kind of handgun you have.


Even the color can be a factor when you’re buying a gun. Don’t assume that black is your only option. You can find gray, tan, and even two-tone glocks on the market. This allows you to have a camouflaged gun that is easier to conceal.


The cost should be taken into consideration when you buy a handgun. You may be on a budget and therefore want to avoid spending a thousand dollars. Many of the handguns on the market, especially a Glock, are between $500 and $700. This can vary, however, based on limited and special edition models. The ammunition going into the gun should also be factored into the equation.

With so many options available to you, consider the components that are the most important to you. From there, you can narrow down the possibilities based on what’s out there. Whether you choose a traditional glock or a special edition handgun, it should be comfortable for you to shoot with.