There could be multiple things which you might have to consider when it comes to choosing the right maternity hospital. In India, there are more than 5000 different brands of maternity hospitals and all of them promise you a healthy and sound pregnancy. How many of this is true? Is there a way to find out this? Yes, by spending some time doing a smart research you can actually sort out this question yourself.


Word of mouth is an important channel of communication which instills trust and intent. Most of us are aware of most of the maternity hospitals from our friends and relatives. But recently the number of individual families have increased and people no longer seek options. They are rules by ad communications which gives them a clearer picture and also the way how online Q&A have structure the communication there is no need for you to actually go looking for expertise. At the same time when all the maternity hospitals take up the same strategy of advertising, how can we actually find out the best and the worst? Here are some pro tips which can actually help you land at the best hospital for normal delivery in Pune or any other city of your choice. They are:


  • Look for the expertise of the hospital both offline and online. Certain hospitals are traditional that they have still not stepped into the online space especially in smaller cities and towns.
  • Single specialty with multiple subspecialties like infertility, stem cell banking etc. This will provide you with a comprehensive care and treatment. Even in case of a high-risk pregnancy, a good hospital with the latest technologies and facilities will be able to treat you better.
  • Experts you are known for their delivery success rates. Know your doctor well before you admit yourself to the hospital. This will help you gain confidence and also will keep you at a state of mind that you are under safe hands.
  • Transparency is the key here. A lot of hospitals do not tell you why and whats. It becomes a tension when they really don’t tell you anything and try handling it for themselves. For example, the mine of mine was visiting a maternity for her delivery and in the 8th month she was asked to come often for tests and scans but nothing was told to her. Even when she asked doctors rules it out saying it’s common. But in the latter phase or the 9th month, they said it is going to be a c-section. She was completely unprepared. So a good maternity hospital will avoid such things.


Hence it is very crucial for you to find the best hospital which will suit your needs and tailor the treatment accordingly. Do not give yourself chances with pregnancy as it is not a simple one. If you have a feeling that you are facing complication visit a top gynecologist in Mumbai or any other city of your choice.