India is known for many things worldwide. We have attracted tourism for our rich and varied culture, diversity, music, art…and of course, Food. There is nothing in the world like Indian Food. Every state has so much to offer in its own variety and its unique taste.

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When it comes to Street Food, India is unbeatable. We have, hands down, the best street food there ever is. You travel to any state and it has its own range of delectable street food. We need no excuse hanging out at a gol-gappe wala or at a bhel puri wala in the evenings, you just can’t resist the temptation of gorging on the lip-smacking varieties of street food our Indian towns have to offer.

There is so much variety in Indian street food. That’s why we have crafted this article for you to list down the must have 10 street foods in India that you absolutely can’t miss. You can order these amazing dishes online as well, by using Zomato coupon code and avail discounts

  1. Papri Aloo Chaat: the colourful treat

The amazing mix of Tamarind chutney, spicy green sauce, sweet curd and Papri, all toppled on crispy potato tikka, surely your mouth must be watering by now. One of the oldest and iconic street food of India, this one you cannot miss at all for it is the wonderful blend of sweet and spicy with loads of curd to leave you with a cooling effect. This colourful combo of flavours is available in almost all markets of North India, and can be found in other parts of the country as well.

  • Pav Bhaji

This is what dreams are made of, literally. Pav Bhaji is a beautiful dish which contains a combination of vegetable minced and made into a semi-gravy form with balanced spices, and butter smeared buns which soak up all the delectable flavours of the bhaji. You can easily find this dish in different states and towns and it makes for an excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner choice. The flavours of the vegetable bhaji and the buttery buns are a match made in heaven and melt in your mouth with every single bite.

  • Gol Gappe a.k.a Paani Puri a.k.a Puchka

Out of all the different kinds of street food India has to offer, this has got to be the most fun kind. Puchka or Paani Puri or Gol-Gappa, whatever you may call it, It can be best described as heaven on your mouth. Gol-Gappas are made of Puri which is a small deep-fried hollow ball of semolina or wheat with a small hole at the top stuffed with chickpeas, peas or spiced mash potato. Then you patiently wait for the vendor to dunk the gol-gappas in sweetened or spiced water and serve you. The best way to eat it is to place to the whole thing at once in yout mouth so the water doesn’t spill. You can easily have 8-10 gol-gappas in a row. It is the most popular street food of India and no list of must-have Indian street food can be complete without the mention of Paani-Puri.

  • Momos

Call it what you want- Momos, dumplings, dimsums or whatever you want, these are the ruling street food of India today. Momos are the Tibetian version of dumplings, sold in every nook and corner of Indian towns today.  It is really happiness manifested in the form of food, served in so many varieties one cannot count on their fingers. From the basic steamed momo to gravy momos, afghan momos, tandoori momos or even the bizarre combos of Vodka momos, maggi momos or kurkure momos, momos are universally loved by all who try it and can be had with dofferent sauces and fillings.  Momos have become so popular that they are not only available at street stalls, but hve also found their way into restaurants and food courts in malls.

  • Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is famous not just in India but has gained popularity in the west as well. The chicken is thoroughly marinated in yogurt and a mixture of spices.  It is then roasted in a “tandoor” or a hollow cylindrical clay oven. The result is some appetizing and juicy, tender chicken that will surely leave you wanting for more. It comes in different levels of spices so as to suit as kinds of palates. Tandoori Chicken with a side of raw onions and green chutney is every street food lover’s dreams come true.

  • Kachori

If you’re ever visiting Rajasthan, this just has to be on your food list. Rajasthan is already so famous for its rich variety of food and culture, but their Kachoris are to die for. The Bikaneri Kachori attract not just the locals but is also popular among food lovers from all over the world. Crunchy patty with spicy onion or dal or potato stuffing served with hot gravy and spicy chutneys will definitely make you keep coming back for more.

  • Misal Pav

Maharashtra’s most loved, most favourite, this is a light snack that has everything to make for a delectable treat. Misal Pav is a common and popular snack from the streets of Mumbai. It is a lip smacking mix of sweet and spicy vegetable gravy with lots of crispy namkeen sprinkled on top, served with some nicely toasted buttery buns and lemon on the side. You can find many vendors selling it in Maharashtra and it is hands down, one of the most popular Railway station delights.

  • Litti Chokha

When it comes to Bihar, street food is in abundance in this state. Litti Chokha is one such delicious street food one cannot miss if on a visit to the state of Bihar. Its Rajasthani cousin version is Dal Batti Churma. It consists of a spicy curry called Chokha made from mashed potato or brinjal. This curry is served with Litti, whixh is the traditional bread made from grams. Together they form a scrumptious dish and you can also add a spoonful of ghee to add to the richness of the curry.

  • Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature is Punjab’s pride when it comes to Indian street food. Now only does it make for an excellent breakfast, but one can enjoy it for dinner or lunch as well. Yummy chickpeas are cooked in spices and turned into a lip smacking curry, which is to be served with deep fried Indian bread known as Bhature with the side of chilli pickle and green salad. It is best has with a chilling glass of fresh sweet Lassi and there you have it- The Grand Punjabi Meal. Chhole Bhature is available in all popular street food markets all across India and you can even get yourself a plate by ordering online using various Food Offers and discount deals.

  1.  Bhel Puri

Last but definitely not the least, we have the very popular Bhel Puri. This tasty treat has found its place in popular Bollywood songs as well. A mixture of peanuts, rice puffs, chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilli with Indian spices and topped a dash of lemon, and you have your delightful street food ready. It can be eaten in two ways, either dry with only the above mentioned ingredients, or wet bhel puri, which also has chutneys and sauces added. This mouth-watering treat can be found in almost every street food market of India and is a must have for every food lover.

So now that you have your list of top 10 Indian Street Food items, what are you waiting for? Go and grab them all. The list does not end here as there are so many more items that have bejewelled the Indian Street Food sector with their additions. Just remember to always go for a hygienic vendor and carry a hand sanitizer along. Fill your heart and your tummy with these delectable dishes and keep the food loving spirits high.