When you want to thank clients for their business, congratulate your boss for an achievement or praise co-workers for a job well done, gestures big and small will make them feel rightfully acknowledged. Whether you’ve got a large corporate budget to work with or simply want to show support without spending a dime, consider a variety of options to suit the occasion.

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Gifts for Gratitude

Express thanks with a thoughtful and useful gift. Credit a supportive boss with a work-related present such as a desk plaque, a print by a favorite artist or a set of packing cubes if he travels a lot on business. Send clients unique corporate gift baskets filled with items such as coffee, chocolates, cookies or a bottle of wine as a way to reward their loyalty, kindness and continued business. Co-workers might benefit from gift cards to a movie theater, restaurant or amusement park that they can use during their time off.

Host a Gathering

Celebrate accomplishments with a party that lets co-workers know how much you appreciate their effort. Consider hosting a formal soiree for a momentous company milestone or a smaller luncheon if a fellow employee has broken a sales record or landed a coveted promotion, for example. Even a quick gathering in the break room over coffee and cake can help commemorate a landmark moment.

Give a Shout Out

Make a big impact for little to no money by revealing your admiration for a client or co-worker on social media if you’re certain they’ll enjoy the public recognition. Post a photo and an appreciative write-up on your company’s website, type a complimentary message on Twitter or add pictures from an event to your personal or corporate Instagram profile, for example.

Find ways to demonstrate your pride or thankfulness in the corporate environment. The recognition will not only have a positive impact on the relationships with your business associates but also improve the strength and camaraderie of the entire team.