There is often controversy over the use of migrant farm workers. However, migrant workers have become an essential part of most farm operations in the United States. Many farms might not even exist without this hardworking labor force. Here are some compelling reasons to hire migrant workers for your farm.

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Lack of Local Labor

It’s hard to argue with the numbers. Since the 1980s, there has been a decline in the number of American citizens willing to do farm work. With so few citizens willing to work, farmers had to turn to a different source for workers. Depending on the crop, it would be impossible for many farmers to harvest without the use of migrant workers.

More for Your Money

When you employ migrant workers, you don’t have to pay Social Security or unemployment taxes. This means more of your wages can go towards hiring good quality workers. Sometimes, you can even save some money. That’s why many farmers are turning to H2A placement services to help them find the right workers for their farms.

Gives People a Chance

The wages in other countries are often abysmal. When people can’t make a decent living in their country, they often turn to the US for opportunity. Being able to do migrant farm work in America gives many people a chance to earn a wage much higher than they could at home. Since they can make more money here, this lets them more easily support their families.

Keeps You Legal

By using migrant workers, you ensure you aren’t doing anything illegal. It’s very easy to accidentally hire undocumented laborers. By using a well-reputed placement agency, you make sure you are hiring only people with official temporary work visas. This will keep you on the right side of the law and prevent any future legal entanglements.

If you’re a farmer, it’s important that you know about this valuable source of labor. When local labor isn’t available, know that these hardworking laborers will get the job done and help you get your crops to market.