Feeding your animals comes in many different forms. Many farm animals such as horses and cows rely on hay to get them through the year. Often, hay is part of their diet, but sometimes the dried grass makes up the majority. Ensuring they have access to the hay may mean you have to move it around the property once you’ve bought the bale. These bales are heavy. You can move them on your own, but why not use the tractor you already have for other tasks?

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Hay Moving Equipment

There are many ways to move hay from one location to another on your property. A Tractor Supply hay spear lets your tractor do the work of moving it. The spears come with three points with two to four spears designed for different types of tractors and for different weights of hay. If you plan to move a lot of hay, investing in a hay spear can mean less work for you.

Shapes and Sizes

Hay bales are heavy weighing as little as 50 pounds to over 1000. They usually come in round or square shapes. Many farmers offer the green cuts of barley, wheat and oats as hay for sale. The shape is determined based on the baling equipment the farmer uses when rolling the hay. Newer balers produce the round bales while older equipment creates rectangular or square bales. The round hay bales typically weigh more than square bales.

Hay Bale Uses

Depending on the needs and number of animals, the type of hay bale best used varies significantly. Many farm animals from larger breeds such as cattle to smaller goats and sheep eat hay. Drought and weather conditions make pasture grazing difficult for animals.

Feeding your animals hay requires careful watching of the baled hay. Smaller herds only need a little hay to prevent rot. Larger operations benefit from the big bales that last longer but benefit from a hay spear to safely and quickly move the bales.