Bartending isn’t just a great way to help you pay your way through school, it’s also a great way to learn how to make cocktails and meet new people. If you’re interested in becoming a bartender in Texas you will have to get your tabc permit. A tabc server permit is necessary in order to serve alcohol on the premises of any restaurant or bar which has an on-premise consumption license. Alcohol, for permitting purposes, includes any alcoholic beverage that contains more than one half of one percent of alcohol.

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Permit Requirements

There are a few different tabc permit application requirements. Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age at the time they submit their permit application. They must also take a tabc certified alcohol awareness program before they apply for a permit. The program must have been completed within the year prior to applying. If you took the program two or three years earlier you will need to re-take the program.

Legal Requirements

Permit holders must adhere to a few different legal requirements in order to maintain their permit. Permit holders must not have a felony conviction for any offense that may impact their ability to practice serving alcohol with competence. The commission has the authority to determine what they feel would impact a person’s competence. Permit holders cannot be convicted of any crimes that involve the sale of alcohol or controlled substance within the last eight years. They also cannot have been convicted of any sex crime or embezzlement. If permit holders had a similar permit in a foreign country and it was revoked they will not be eligible for a tabc permit.

Establishment Requirements

It is the responsibility of the establishment, and not the individual server, to make sure they have copies of all their server’s permits on site for review at any time. The tabc can ask to see permits at any time, without any notice. If the establishment is unable to produce permits for any of their servers they can face disciplinary action.