Do you take a prescription on a regular basis? Are you looking to save time and money? If so, using an online pharmacy service may provide you some relief. The following are three reasons to consider ordering your medicine online.

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The day gets busy, and sometimes the time just isn’t there to run to the pharmacy. Your prescriptions, though, are important and need to be filled. Using an online pharmacy allows you to check that box and not make another stop in the car. Often, it’s a simple process. Your insurance company probably has a preferred provider, so check with your service first. Then, go online, and submit your prescription and insurance card. Don’t forget to select automatic refills. The drugs should arrive at your door at a predetermined time. Are you concerned about the safety of transporting something so valuable? Many companies use distribution testing to determine the safest manner to deliver your package to you.


Most likely the online pharmacy could help you save a few pennies on some expensive drugs. By having a centralized facility and not working with a box store, the business saves dollars that can be passed back to you. In addition, you may be required to purchase in bulk (often a 3 month supply). Similar to other discount facilities, purchasing in larger quantities aids the store in keeping costs low. This passes on more convenience since you’ll only need it filled 4 times a year rather than twelve.


Sometimes you’ll have a question that needs a pharmacist’s attention. Many online drug companies have professionals available for assistance. The added bonus is that they could be a 24 hour service. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. It never hurts to ask.

It’s important to maintain a doctor’s prescription, but that doesn’t need to be hassle. Try to keep it simple by ordering online.