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Diabetes Diet For Monsoon: Here Are Some Great Ideas To Include Jamun In Your Diet

Jamun for Diabetes

  • Jamun is available around the monsoons during summers
  • The fruit helps in managing blood sugar level
  • Here are some ideas to include the fruit in your diet

There are some fruits that come with a bang during a particular season and fade away in a blink of an eye. Jamun is one of those summer fruits that is mostly available around the monsoon time. Also known as black plum, jamun possesses a unique sweet and tarty flavour and its dark purple colour is hard to miss. Jamun can be found in abundance during the rainy season and it’s best to make the most of this time. This fruit comes with a host of health benefits; it is great for weight loss and boosts heart health. But, the most important quality of jamun is that it greatly helps in managing blood sugar level and thus helps in dealing with diabetes.

Why is Jamun Beneficial For Diabetics –

  • Jamun contains special compound called jamboline and jambosine that cause the sugar to be released slowly and gradually in the bloodstream.
  • It is rich in fibre, which is difficult to digest. This also slows down the release of sugars, which prevents instant spikes in blood sugar level.
  • Some studies indicate that the extracts of jamun reduce blood glucose level and also manage production of insulin in the body