Ragi Malt Or Ambali: This Weight-Loss-Friendly South-Indian Drink Is A Delicious Summer Cooler

Weight loss: Ragi ambali is a South-Indian vegetarian drink made during summers

  • Ragi or finger millet is a superfood grain that is gaining popularity
  • Ragi malt is a savoury vegetarian porridge or drink
  • Ambali is prepared by cooking sprouted ragi flour in water

Millets have lately been hailed as superfood grains, which are great healthy alternatives to refined flours. Millets are a group of small-seeded grasses, which have widely been consumed as food grains since ancient times. In India, millets have always enjoyed a revered position, with a number of flatbreads, desserts and savouries made from them. Ragi or finger millet is one such millet that has been used abundantly to make healthy, fibre-rich and protein-rich recipes that may be especially beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Ragi is also replete with many vital minerals and vitamins. Ragi can be cooked in numerous ways, including in rotis or parathas, dosas and even desserts like ladoos, burfis and even cakes and muffins. But did you know that you can even drink ragi? A South-Indian favourite made from cooked sprouted ragi flour is the ambali or the savoury ragi malt.

Ambali or ragi malt is a vegetarian summer drink or porridge that is prepared in Karnataka. The drink is prepared by cooking ragi flour in water and then cooling it down and then adding diluted beaten curd or buttermilk to it, along with cumin powder, salt and chopped onions. The drink is topped with a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves.