Healthy Snacks: 5 Protein-Rich Healthy Cookie Recipes To Add To Your Diet

Healthy Snacks: 5 protein-rich cookie recipes you must try

  • Dietary protein is important for building and retaining muscle mass
  • Protein-rich snacks will keep you full for longer and improve energy
  • Amaranth, ragi, oats can be used for making protein-rich cookies

Dietary protein is essential for a number of reasons. From maintaining or retaining muscle mass to keeping your stamina and energy up, protein plays a number of different roles in ensuring the health of our bodies. We have to mostly rely on our diets and meals to fulfil our protein requirements. Thankfully, there is no dearth of foods that are rich in protein, and that includes both animal and plant-based foods. For those who are vegetarians or who refrain from indulging in animal-based foods, there is a range of protein-rich foods like lentils, beans, nuts and seeds that can be included in daily diets to load up on this essential nutrient. There are a number of protein-rich flours as well that you may include in your diet in various different forms.

When it comes to snacking, cookies and biscuits are popular as these are both portable and convenient to munch on, when hunger strikes between meals. But most store-bought cookies are not very healthy as they are rich in trans-fats and added sugar and are low in nutrients like protein, fats or fibre. This is why we bring you five recipes of healthy protein-rich cookies that you can prepare and carry with you wherever you like.