National Nutrition Month: How To Follow A Superfood-Enriched Diet, Expert Reveals

Superfoods have a very high nutritional density that provide a substantial amount of essential nutrients.

  • National Nutrition month started on 1st September
  • Here are some of the popular and easy choices of superfoods to consider
  • Quinoa contains twice as much fibre as other grains

A famous saying states, “You are what you eat!”  A healthy diet defines the right food choices. Hence, we have that very important month in a year to remind us of the importance of nutrition in the body – The National Nutrition Month, which started from 1st of September, highlights the fact that people should emphasise on the right nutrition for a better health. The world is moving onto a healthier track where people are thinking about what they eat and their overall well-being, especially considering the lifestyle that each of us led.

At a grocery shop, you reach for your favourite brand of food product when you suddenly notice a new term or word in bold, adorned with an eye catching colour – ‘Now with superfood nutrition!’ or ‘With the best superfoods in it!’, you may get swayed. However, nowadays, people are a little skeptical as they check the ingredients that sound different and wonder if it is worth it.

For those seeking to elevate to a healthy regimen, the very notion of a superfood can be a tempting aspect as we imagine these powerful foods to have special superfood-like qualities for weight management and healing abilities. Moving beyond just a marketing buzzword to a deeper understanding, its very inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary denotes “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.  Superfoods are, therefore, foods with a very high nutritional density that provide a substantial amount of nutrients, high volumes of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

For those looking for natural ways to get fit, a healthy diet that is free of unhealthy ingredients like refined food products is commonly the prerequisite of the hectic life we lead. However, for those wanting to upgrade their nutritional intake, help is at hand and these superfoods can surely give you your returns on the health investment. It is important to add superfoods to bring about goodness to your food, helping you stay fit, strong and balance those multiple roles you embrace.