When you carry a concealed weapon, it is not only important to learn the laws and get your license, though that is a priority. Researching the various methods of concealment, their benefits and failures, and how they will affect your ability to safely carry and use the weapon is equally important. There are a few different options for placement of a sidearm that will keep it well-hidden, though these options differ for male and female body types.

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Consider Your Shape

Often when people imagine what type of holster they want, they forget to consider how it will fit on their body. Concealed carry holsters for men are fairly standard, but you may need to try more than one position to find the one that fits your body type well. It is also important to think about how a holster will move with you throughout the day. For some, a holster that sits inside the waistband is most comfortable and easy to conceal, for another person, having the holster inside the band may rub uncomfortably and be unwearable. Some holsters come with clasps and attachments that can be changed out as needed for different ways of carrying and can offer more options depending on what is needed.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Choosing how to carry your weapon and what type of holster will work for you will also affect how you do things while you carry. If you’re seated a lot, you may want to have your sidearm holstered under the arm instead of in the waistband so that it isn’t bumped or jostled while seated. On the other hand, if daily tasks require you to move around a lot, then having it under the arm may cause too much friction. It is wise to consider your lifestyle before choosing a particular way to carry.

Making sure your weapon is secure when worn is very important. A loose or unsteady carry can cause a gun to fall or be unusable when needed. Take your body type and lifestyle into account when choosing a holster for your concealed carry.