Watch: How To Make Meaty and Decadent Aloo Keema At Home

Bursting with lip-smacking, hot flavours, this recipe is super easy to prepare

Juicy, meaty and utterly delectable, there’s something about mutton keema that makes us head for a second helping even if we are full up to the brim. Keema is something that everyone loves. You can spruce up a range of mundane dishes just by throwing some keema in the mix. Use it as a filling for sandwiches, or pair it with your roti or rice. What makes our desi keema preparations different from the western-style minced meat preparations is the spicy medley of spices it is cooked in. If you are craving for some tantalising home-made keema, we have a recipe that may fit the bill!

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This aloo keema (aloo plus mutton keema) recipe posted on NDTV Food’s YouTube channel is ideal for lazy brunches, picnics and potlucks. You can pair it with just about anything, from chapatti and rice to naan and khameeri roti. If you ask us, we would even tuck into it all by itself. If you wish to mince the meat at home yourself, you can do that; otherwise you can always get some finely done keema from your local meat shop. Make sure it is fresh and not stale. Also, make sure that your kitchen pantry is stocked with spices, because you would need a whole lot of them to prepare this delicacy. Bursting with lip-smacking, hot flavours, this recipe is perhaps one of the easiest ways to satiate those meaty cravings. The fact that it is so quick to prepare, makes it one of our most favourite recipes of all times too!