Preparing for a baby can be an exciting time in your life. It can also be a time of wonder and worry. No matter if you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, you may feel apprehension over your preparations for a new little one. It’s important to stay calm and create a safe space, so use these tips to get your home baby-ready.

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Secure Items in Cabinets

Your cabinets are an important place to start babyproofing. You should secure all cabinets with childproof locks. Items that you use regularly, such as vitamins and pain medications, can be harmful when ingested by children. It’s also important to buy products with child-proof and tamper-evident caps so the products are secured even if a child manages to open the cabinet. Cleaning agents, often stored in bottom cabinets, should be moved to a higher location or locked away.

Safeguard Electrical Dangers

Using electricity is so common that you may forget how dangerous it can really be. Kids are curious, so make sure they can explore safely. To safeguard your electrical outlets, you can install self-closing outlet covers or you can use tight-fitting plug protectors. These products are wonderful safety additions as babies and toddlers can’t operate them. Organize, hide, or remove electrical wires with cord clips and covers.

Anchor Heavy Items

You should take steps early on to prevent tipping hazards in your home. Since you can’t stop little children from exploring, make sure your furniture is safe for them. L-brackets are a simple and effective way to anchor items to your walls. Specially-made furniture anchors are also a good choice for securing heavy items to walls. While you’re completing this project, use pads to soften sharp corners of furnishings, too.

Getting ready for a new baby should be a special time in your life. In addition to decorating the swoon-worthy nursery of your dreams, be sure to take the necessary steps to make your home a safe place to grow up.